Vitamin Grup;

With more than 20 years of marketing experience, 6 years of production, our company is excited to share its knowledge and experience with you, our valued customers. It manufactures products and also markets food, agricultural products, medicine and machinery. Vitamin Group has become a domestic brand in the field of herbal and cosmetics with its quality, confidence and stability under the name Herbal Farma. In recent years, it has started exporting to European, Middle Eastern and Asian countries and aims to be a world brand.


Our company works with teams that carry out every stage of the production from agriculture to the final product by experts in every stage of the plants it uses. The raw material of the herbal medicines prepared is also prepared by its expert staff. It is grown in controlled conditions in high altitude places away from settlements and highways, in accordance with the criteria of organic agriculture. International standards to provide better service to the whole humanity and the pharmaceutical industry with the valuable employees within the obtained raw materials, and to offer the best products from sterile, stable and active substance status To carry out researches and studies with the aim of presenting the best result by approaching meticulously with very serious ethnic scientific methods until the active ingredients and clinical studies in accordance with Turkish quality control by passing the products through microbiological tests. tadir. Medicinal plants, whose cultivation has been done and research has been completed, are decomposed as roots and seeds, and they are cleansed from toxins by being exposed to ozone gas in special areas away from moisture and mold. However, all possible disease-causing risks on the plant dried with natural methods before production must be sterilized and the risks must be eliminated since insect larvae are on the plant. Biological, ecological and sterilization, which are used in developed countries that require technology to provide sterilization with medicinal plants, are provided. This sterilization method does not leave any additives to the product, nor does it sterilize without any change in color, odor and physical structure. The importance of nature and natural products is increasing day by day. In this context, whether the products we produce for your health are natural or healthy. We work with the desire to present the world of plants in the light of science in an ethnic, scientific, consistent, patient and uncompromising manner to the use of modern people with the most innovative, modern and technological equipment. and thanks to its determination to achieve the difficult, it has been recognized in its sector in a short time and has never given up on these principles.

The unchangeable principles of our company have always been quality, service, timely delivery and reasonable prices.

Working with the principle that the guarantee of success and continuity in production is honesty and quality in service, Vitamin Group will continue to serve you today and in the future by thanking you for your close interest and support.

If you have a request for the products we work with, we will inform you that we will be happy to work with you and we expect your valuable orders.

Vitamin Grup İlaç Makine Kozmetik Bitkisel ve Tarım Ürünleri San. ve Tic. Ltd. Şti.

Our company produces a variety of personal care products and food supplement products such as vitamins,herbal teas, cold pressed and essential oils, under its own brand also as a contract manufacturer ‘’private label’’ in accordance with the demands of our customers. Under the Good Manufacturing Practise GMP and ISO 9000 certificates with the quality conscious approach in the production and by working together with higly qualified team professionals such as Chemist and Pharmacists, we are answering the most accurate way to our customer’s Private Label Requests as a contract manufacturer. Advancing with certain steps in this industry, our company detects the correct form of your requests and offers you the most appropriate food and cosmetic products. If you would like to make a Private Label production of food and cosmetics for your company, do not hesitate to contact with us. In response to your request , we can find out the most accurate raw materials and the most appropriate process in order to serve you the best quality formulations and finished products with the desired quantity that you want to have.

تقوم شركتنا بإنتاج منتجات المقويات الغذائية و منتجات العناية النباتية المختلفة مثل الفيتامينات،الشاي النباتي،الزيوت المتطايرة و المضغوطة الباردة و ذلك تحت علامتها التجارية أو تحت ملصق خاص للمنتِج المتعاقَد معه.
نستجيب بشكل مباشر لطلبات الملصقات الخاصة لمشترينا كمنتجين متعاقدين من خلال العمل مع فريق مهني مدرب كالصيادلة و الكيميائيين و بنهج واعٍ للجودة خلال الإنتاج بشهادات تطبيقات الإنتاج الجيد GMP و ISO 9000.
شركتنا التي تتقدم في هذا المجال بخطوات ثابتة ، تستوعب طلباتكم بالشكل الأفضل و تقدم لكم منتجات التجميل و الغذاء الملائمة لكم . إذا كنتم تريدون عمل ملصق خاص في التجميل و الغذاء لشركتكم ، فلا تترددوا في الاتصال بشركتنا. استجابة لطلباتكم يمكننا إيجاد المواد الخام الأفضل و العمليات الأكثر ملائمة من أجلكم بهدف تقديم البضائع المصنعة و المستحضرات عالية الجودة بالكميات المطلوبة .

فوائد منتجاتنا

Наша компания, под эгидой своего торгового бренда и в качестве контрактного производителя «частной марки», производит всевозможную продукцию по уходу и различные пищевые добавки, такие как витамины, травяные чаи, масла холодного отжима и эфирные масла.

Вместе с сертификатами Соответствия с Надлежащей Практикой (Good Manufacturing Practice GMP) и ISO 9000 и с сознательным подходом в сфере производства, при этом работая с квалифицированной и профессиональной командой химиков и фармацевтов, в качестве контрактного производителя, наша компания самым лучшим образом отвечает на запросы наших клиентов.

Двигаясь уверенными шагами в этом секторе, наша компания наилучшим образом проявляет интерес к вашим пожеланиям и представляет вашему вниманию самую оптимальную пищевую и косметическую продукцию. Если вы хотите осуществлять производство пищевой и косметической продукции для вашей компании под Частной маркой, не стесняйтесь обращаться к нам. Мы сможем для вас найти самый подходящий процесс, для того, чтобы предоставить, соответствующую вашим запросам продукцию из высочайшего качества препаратов и сырья в любом, необходимом для вас количестве.

Преимущества нашей продукции