Born in the picturesque Alaçam village, nestled 27 km from the enchanting Bursa, I grew up surrounded by nature’s bounty – clean air, ample water, and a charming rural environment adorned with a rich variety of plants and trees.


The year was 1993, and the monotonous city life no longer appealed to me. I embarked on a quest to discover my true calling. It was during this time that I stumbled upon the idea of making wild blackberry jam. Armed with a phone book and sheer determination, I reached out to pastry and jam companies, offering them a sample. Despite some initial skepticism, I struck a deal with one company, selling blackberries for 10 TL each based on taste and appearance.


Word quickly spread, and soon my nephews were collecting blackberries to meet the growing demand. Villagers from near and far joined in, and what was once overlooked and untapped blackberries became a thriving industry. This entrepreneurial spirit soon gave rise to a sector, with payments going directly to the women and children, allowing them some financial independence.


The first company I supplied was Kafkas Patisserie, marking the beginning of my journey in the fruit business. I soon expanded into other fruits, collaborating with Merko Food, where I later became a permanent staff member, serving as a raw material purchaser for 12 years.


However, the winds of change blew in, and Merko faced financial challenges, leading to the sale of some of their factories and a relocation plan to Izmir. Unwilling to leave, I decided to part ways and used the compensation I received to acquire a vehicle, venturing into the fruit sector with other companies.


Today, I collaborate with several companies, including:

– Çanakkale Ulubay Cold Storage

– Bursa Ülker Golf Ice Cream

– Kerevitaş Food

– Tartaş Food

– Betka Food

– Aroma Fruit Juices


My goal is to produce natural products without additives, ensuring purity and quality.


In the midst of these endeavors, my father’s health took a severe hit in 1990 due to diabetes. His foot developed a palm-sized wound that refused to heal despite various medical consultations. After numerous unsuccessful attempts, one of my beloved professors suggested trying a herbal formula. My father started consuming herbal tea daily, and remarkably, after seven months, the wound began to heal. He continued the regimen for another year before fully recovering. This experience deepened my interest in herbal remedies.


I started researching herbs diligently, collecting books and gaining knowledge from wherever I could. I consulted with experienced individuals, improved my skills, and even traveled to gather insights from the elderly. My passion for herbs continued to grow.


Upon leaving Merko, I established my own company, focusing on both fruit and herbal businesses. In the summer, when the herbal season slows, the fruit season picks up, providing a balanced approach to my work. My trip to India in 2007 allowed me to establish relationships with machine and empty capsule manufacturers. I became a distributor in Turkey, importing machinery and capsules from India.


I ventured into herbal product production, securing approval from the Ministry of Food and Livestock. Today, I offer more than 300 product varieties in the market and have partnered with the Bursa Pharmaceutical Cooperative for distribution. My products have even made their way to remote mountain-top pharmacies.


My vision is to transform alternative medicine into a trusted and recognized brand both in Turkey and globally. To achieve this, I established a company in Germany and began exporting products.


In summary:

– Unwavering customer satisfaction remains our top priority.

– Continuous improvement in product quality and service is our goal.

– We aspire to become a sought-after brand in international markets through our exports.