I was born in Alaçam village, which is 27 km away from Bursa, on the slopes of Uludağ, with clean air, abundant water, and a charming village. I grew up in an environment where various plants and trees were abundant in fruit and vegetables.

It’s 1993. I don’t like a life in Monaton. . Monatonism was not for me, I started researching what to do. I read that wild blackberry jam is made. I bought a phone book and started searching for pastry and jam companies. A company said it would buy blackberries and asked for a sample. I collected the wild blackberries on a tray. My mother was trying to deter me by saying, “Nobody pays for wild blackberries, my son, don’t be mad”, but I didn’t listen, I went to the company with the samples I collected.

The owner of the company said that he would buy the blackberry for 10 TL with the money of that time by looking at the taste and shape of the blackberry. When I returned to the village and asked my nephews if they could collect blackberries for 8 TL, they immediately got to work. The villagers, who saw my nephews gathering, started to receive offers to ask if we could bring them with us. In the first days, quantities starting from 100 kg reached 1.5 tons per day. Our village was not enough, they started to bring them from the surrounding villages. The blackberries, which were cut from the edges of the field because they were sinking and that nobody looked at their face, which was idle until that time, gained value and began to be watered.

In our village, men take money for the crops and use the rest as much as they need home. By making a difference, I gave the money to whoever brought me the product. This situation was convenient for women and children, they said that the husband does not know the money. Thus, a sector was created. The company I gave product to was the Kafkas patisserie. They helped me enter the fruit business. It was my first eye pain and we continue our work in very warm dialogues from that day to this day. Blackberries were no longer enough. I started looking for different things. I met Merko food and started to give them strawberries and peaches. Later, they recruited me and made permanent staff members.

I worked as a raw material purchaser for 12 years. Later, they were in trouble in terms of financing. They sold some of their factories. They wanted us to move to Izmir, too. I did not go and left. With the compensation I have received, I buy a vehicle and continue on my way with other companies working in the fruit sector. The companies I work for now.

Çanakkale ulubay cold storage

Bursa Ülker golf ice cream

Kerevitaş food

Tartaş Food

Betka Food

Aroma is fruit juices.

My goal is to produce natural products without natural additives by starting production in this sector.

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While working in Merko, my late father fell ill with diabetes in 1990. As a result, there was a palm-sized wound on his foot that advanced so much that his bones were visible, and water was flowing through it. We also showed my father from doctors to doctors, but we couldn’t get any results.

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Some doctors said that his foot should be amputated, others said that he should take a piece of the hip and sew it there. As soon as the hopes were exhausted, one of my professors, whom I loved very much, suggested that we use it by giving a herbal formula. From that day on, my father started to drink a cup of herbal tea every day. At a time of 7 months, the wound on his foot began to heal .. But meanwhile he was continuing his diet, he did not refuse to drink tea because the wound was closed, it continued for another year, and a year later he stopped his abstinence completely. He ate whatever we ate at one meal, and even started eating more sweets than we did. Another example; We have an elderly neighbor in our village, who is 80 years old, has diabetes and hypertension. He was fond of plants and was collecting and using some of the herbs he heard from others. But it was not beneficial because it dries it wrong. I taught him which plants should be picked when and in which environment they should be dried. He has practiced exactly what I taught, for about a year he has no problem with neither sugar nor blood pressure, he prays for me a lot. This is the moment when I enjoy the most, when I am the most happy and the happiest. This affects my researches and studies positively. Pleasing a person, taking his prayers, and helping him regain his health is a happiness that no material power can afford.

While continuing to work, I accelerated my herbal research in my spare time, wherever I saw a book on herbs, I would buy it. I even once bought a book I saw in the street vendor. I was improving my knowledge by getting documents about plants by going to websites, and since I traveled a lot, I was listening to the experiences of elderly people on this subject and trying to improve myself. When I left Merko, I immediately established a company and accelerated both fruit and plant business. In the summer, the season of herbal products ends, things do not happen because people enter the summer and vacation mode. But the season of the fruit is starting, the fruit ends in the winter and the plants increase. With this balance, I take the two together. I went on a trip to India in 2007. From there, I talked to machine and empty capsule manufacturers and got a Turkish distributor. I import machinery and capsules from there and market them in Turkey. I also bought it myself and started production with the permission of the Ministry of Food and Livestock. I am currently in the market with more than 300 product scales, I agreed with Bursa Pharmaceutical Cooperative and gave the product distribution to them. At the same time, I started to export products to many countries and I was very happy to see my products in a pharmacy of a mountain-top district. This is not explained but experienced ..

My goal in this field is to turn these products, which they call alternative medicine, into a reliable brand known both in Turkey and abroad. On this occasion, I established a company in Germany and started sending products.

One of the rare things a person will not regret is working. Abundance will come naturally with good intentions and work.

In accordance with the legal regulations;

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By keeping uninterrupted customer satisfaction in the first place;

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Aiming to improve our product service and quality continuously

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To make our brand sought after in international markets with our exports.

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