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With our many years of experience and expert team, we provide high-quality manufacturing services.

Tablet Production

Tablet Production

Based on incoming requests, we produce tablets with different shapes and weights using our fully automatic tablet pressing machines. We offer custom mold services for specific product needs. With our high-speed machine, we achieve high-quality production in a short time.
Capsule Production

Capsule Production

We produce animal and plant-based capsules seamlessly with our state-of-the-art automatic capsule machine. Our integrated cleaning and polishing system ensures that our capsules are hygienic and glossy.
Liquid (Liquid) Product Production

Liquid (Liquid) Product Production

We meticulously perform filling of syrups, drops, oils, and other liquid products ranging from 10 to 500 ml on our fully automatic filling and packaging line.
Cold Press and Aromatic Oils

Cold Press and Aromatic Oils

In our state-of-the-art machines, we turn carefully selected plants and seeds into high-quality oil by cold press, distillation or maceration.
Powder and Sachet Product Production

Powder and Sachet Product Production

Fillings starting from 1.5 grams are done with our fully automatic sachet packaging machine.
Soft Capsule Production

Soft Capsule Production

We provide the best solution for your soft capsule needs in 250-500-1000 mg formulations.
Cosmetics Production

Cosmetics Production

In cosmetic production, we precisely fill various products such as creams, lotions and serums with filling and packaging machines. Thanks to integrated quality control systems, we fill the correct amount of each product and ensure that the products reach the end user quickly and hygienically.
Herbal Tea Production

Herbal Tea Production

We meticulously produce different herbal tea mixtures in automatic drying and packaging machines. These machines automatically adjust ideal drying temperatures and times, preserving the plants' natural aromas and nutritional values. With its packaging systems, it ensures that teas are packaged quickly and safely under hygienic conditions. In this way, we deliver our fresh and delicious herbal teas to consumers in a short time.
Plant Based Soap Production

Plant Based Soap Production

We offer plant-based soaps, which we package and label under hygienic conditions with carefully selected raw materials, to our customers with different packaging, weight and mold options. We help you highlight your brand with product-specific labeling service.


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Contract Manufacturing

How Do We Create Your Product/Brand?

We conduct comprehensive customer meetings focusing on customer satisfaction and their needs for each new project. During this process, we engage in detailed discussions to understand our customers’ expectations, clarify product features, and listen to specific requests. Our goal is to provide tailored, high-quality solutions that meet the unique needs of each customer.

Upon customer requests, our R&D team initiates product development and formulation studies to create effective, reliable, and innovative products. During the formulation process, the efficacy, reliability, and alignment with customer requirements of the product are continuously tested and optimized.

We carefully manage the licensing processes to ensure that our products comply with legal and industry standards. Our expert team coordinates with regulatory authorities to prepare all necessary documents and certificates, ensuring the safe and legal introduction of our products to the market. We meticulously monitor and oversee all stages of the licensing process.

To develop eye-catching and functional designs that best reflect our customers’ brand identities, our graphic design team meticulously prepares packaging and labeling. They consider aesthetics alongside legal requirements to ensure compliance and visual appeal.

In our modern production facilities, we adhere to the highest quality standards. Throughout the production process, rigorous quality control procedures are applied to ensure the reliability of our products at every stage. Products are packaged according to customer requirements and prepared for shipment. From production to packaging, hygiene and quality are our top priorities.

After completing the production and packaging processes, we meticulously manage the logistics processes to ensure the safe and timely delivery of our products. We carefully plan and implement all details to maintain customer satisfaction at the highest level by offering our customers the fastest and safest delivery options available.

Annual Production Capacity

108 M+


74 M+


6 M+


8 M+


Our Global Connections


As Vitamin Group, we deliver high-quality products worldwide, establishing a broad customer network on the international stage starting from Turkey. We continuously expand our export network and strive to enter new markets.

Our goal is to reach more customers internationally without compromising on quality and to establish the Vitamin Group brand as a global entity.

Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, we support you throughout the contract manufacturing process, including the creation and guidance of your own brand.

Yes, we prepare and conduct R&D for the formulation according to the regulations and daily usage doses of either our country or the country you wish to work with.

Yes, we prepare the dossier to submit the formulation compliant with regulations to the Ministry of Agriculture and follow the process until the approval number is obtained.

Yes, during the design stage, our graphic designer can create custom designs based on your personal preferences.

After obtaining R&D, licensing, design, and payment approvals, we plan the production of the products based on our current workload. We provide customers with information regarding the delivery process considering the production schedule at that time. The average delivery time for products with all approvals completed is approximately 20 business days.

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    Experience and Expertise: With our extensive experience and expert team in the industry, we provide high-quality manufacturing services.

    Customer-Centric Approach: We prioritize customer satisfaction by developing tailored solutions to meet your needs. We listen to you at every stage and deliver production that aligns with your expectations.

    R&D and Innovation: Our R&D department leverages the latest technologies and scientific methods to develop innovative and effective products. We continuously improve our products and processes.

    Quality Standards: Our production processes adhere to GMP and international quality standards, ensuring rigorous quality checks for every product. We maintain high standards without compromising on quality.

    Full-Service Approach: We support you across all stages including product development, licensing, graphic design, production, and packaging. We provide comprehensive services from a single point to simplify your operations.

    Reliability and Flexibility: By offering on-time delivery and flexible solutions, we earn the trust of our partners. We deliver quick and effective solutions to meet your needs.

    Experience high-quality products and professional services by partnering with us for contract manufacturing. Your success is our priority.

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