Kozmetik Cosmetic With our years of experience, we create top-quality products at great prices. Our expert team is here to help with special projects, product development, packaging, production, and ensuring everything's above board – all tailored just for you! Capsule Tablet Softgel At Vitamin Grup, we make outstanding Capsules, Tablets, and Soft Capsules (softgels) that meet the highest quality standards. Our super-fast machines ensure precision, and we even package them in easy-to-use blister packs for your convenience . Hair Care Elevate your hair care routine with our premium series, including everything from sprays to creams. Expertly crafted by award-winning professionals using top-ofthe-line equipment, all personalized to suit your individual preferences. Syrup Drop Spray Experience innovation with our touch-free production system, delivering precise, hygienic products in bottle sizes from 10ml to 250ml. Cold press
Aromatic Oils
Discover excellence in every drop! Our company proudly crafts cold-pressed, essential, and aromatic oils in our stateof-the-art facility, following the highest food standards. Elevate your experience with the best produced oils.
Paste Unlock Centuries of Wisdom with Our Timeless Paste Collection, Crafted using State-of-the-Art Machines, and Delivered to You with Precision - Completely TouchFree! Herbal Tea Crafting Nature's Best: We handpick choice plants with your health and taste in mind, using specialized machines to create our products, beautifully packaged to your specifications. Liquid Extract Natural Extracts for Food and Beauty: We use advanced technology machines to produce plant extracts in both liquid and solid forms, perfect for the food and cosmetics industries We proudly create 100% handmade natural soaps that not only promote a healthy lifestyle but also pamper your skin with the finest ingredients that Mother Nature has to offer SOAP Probiotics Probiotics Tailored to You: We specialize in providing probiotics for your production projects, offering them in either powder sachets or capsules, all packaged to your specific preferences.


At Vitamin Grup, we’ve established ourselves as a premier brand in production, proudly achieving high ranks in exports.

Our diverse range of offerings includes personal care products, dietary supplements, herbal teas, cold-pressed oils, essential oils, and vitamins, available both under our own brand and customized to meet your specific needs.

With prestigious certifications such as GMP, ISO 9000, and ISO 22000 Haccp, we bring together extensive experience and a dedicated team of chemical engineers, chemists, and pharmacists. This fusion of expertise enables us to meet contract manufacturing requests with the utmost precision.

Committed to excellence, we meticulously select the finest ingredients to create tailored food and cosmetic products that meet market demands. If you’re seeking outsourced food and cosmetics production, we’re here to collaborate. We’ll work closely with you to design the perfect raw materials, the most efficient processes, and the ideal product forms, all while delivering top notch formulations in the quantities you require.

Contact us today to explore how we can elevate your product offerings and drive success together.


High quality standards in production facilities ...

In our facilities, we uphold strict GMP standards, ensuring top-tier production and packaging through the use of the latest modern equipment.


The load within the consultancy of our company ...

Our company adapts product formulations to current trends and market expectations with a team of highly educated experts, including graduate doctors, chemists, pharmacists, and biologists, all under our company's expert guidance.


With our expert team in GMP standards, ...

Our expert team, adhering to GMP standards, carefully selects the best actives and formulates the most precise cosmetics, dermo cosmetics, skincare, and hair care products tailored to the needs of our valued clients.


We produce or will do ...

We offer comprehensive support for each new product, including licensing, graphic design, and packaging services for all our current and future manufacturing projects.

Contract Manufacturing


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