Kozmetik Cosmetic With the knowledge and experience gained from being in the sector for many years, we produce products with the best quality and price for our customers. Together with our expert team, we provide services to each of our customers on special projects, product and formula development, packaging, production and legal production. Capsule Tablet Softgel Capsule, Tablet, Soft Capsule (softgel) production and blister packaging are carried out in the Vitamin group production facilities with high quality standards in accordance with GMP and HACCP rules, modern equipment with high speed and technology. Hair Care The world's best award-winning assets, research and development studies are carried out with the experts of the subject, and a hair care and repair series with high-tech machinery and equipment in line with your requests. Syrup Drop Spray Syrup, drop and spray groups are produced and packaged in automatic machines from 10 ml to 250 ml without human touch. Cold press
Aromatic Oils
Our company produces the cold press, essential and aromatic oils you need in our fully integrated facility in accordance with food standards.
Paste We produce the paste group, which has been known for centuries and used for the benefit of humanity, in the latest system machines, and we offer it to our customers by filling them without human touch. Herbal Tea We carefully select the plants used, keep customer health and taste in the foreground, and produce in special machines in the desired packaging. Liquid Extract We produce plant extracts used in the food and cosmetics industry in liquid and solid forms with high technology machines. We produce 100% handmade natural soaps that contribute to healthy life. SOAP Probiotics We serve in your probiotic production projects as powder sachet or capsule with the desired packaging.


We proved that we are the leading brand in production by entering the export rank.

Our company produces various personal care products, food supplements, herbal teas, cold pressed oils, essential oils and vitamins, both with its own brand and in line with the demands.

With GMP – ISO 9000 – ISO 22000 Haccp Certificates, it blends its experience with its researcher and scientific infrastructure with its expert chemical engineer, chemist and pharmacist staff, and presents it to the consumer by evaluating the incoming contract manufacturing demands in the most accurate way.


Our company, which takes firm steps in this sector, determines the most accurate ingredients and offers the appropriate food and cosmetic products to the market.


If you want to have outsourced food and cosmetics production for your company, you can contact us. In line with the demands you want, we can design the most accurate raw material, the most suitable process and the most suitable form, develop quality product formulations and produce in desired quantities.


High quality standards in production facilities ...

Production and packaging are carried out in the production facilities with high quality standards, in accordance with GMP rules, modern equipment with high speed and technology.


The load within the consultancy of our company ...

Our company realizes product formulation in accordance with the dynamics of the time and the expectations of the market with the staff of graduate doctors, chemists, pharmacists and biologists within the consultancy of our company.


With our expert team in GMP standards, ...

With our expert team in GMP standards, it determines the most accurate form with the best actives and offers the most suitable cosmetics, dermo cosmetics, skin care and hair care products to the product owners.


We produce or will do ...

We provide licensing, graphic design and packaging support for every new product we manufacture or will make.

Contract Manufacturing


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